Who Can Use This Software & How ?

Credit Co-operative Society

IThis type of society are mostly developed in Urban areas. In this anybody who is staying in the permissible area of society can become member of society. They collect deposit from the members and give Loan to the needy member. The purpose to develop the society are different in the different societies. Many Societies are developed on the .

Financiers & Shrofs

Financiers & Shrofs who are giving finance to the public their all accounting system are there in the software. They can do the entry of the Loan, count interest Flat/Reducing as per their requirement. They can start any no. of Recurring , Draw & deposit schemes. They can get recovery lists also.

Housing Credit Co-op. society

Housing society is a Association of House holders which are having house in that housing society. It collects Maintenance & Transfer fees from Members and manage all day to day payments, receipts & rents. this is non-profit organisation of members of society

Micro Finance Provider

Micro finance is usually understood to entail the provision of financial services to micro-entrepreneurs and middle or lower middle class peoples, which lack access to banking and related services due to the high transaction costs associated with serving these client categories. The two main mechanisms for the delivery of financial services to such clients are (1) Relationship-based banking for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses; and (2) Group-based models, where several people come together to apply for loans and other services as a group.

Nidhi Company / N.B.F.C.

Nidhi Company or N.B.F.C. can also use this software. Because this software is developed in such a way that all Deposit schemes and Loan schemes can be set in it. You can develop any no. of Recurring or fix deposit scheme & can set it's policy as per requirement. The Agent commission will be calculated automatically & will transfer in accounts or can pay in cash.


Trusts - Working for Member welfare

Many Trust who wants to maintain record of their members, wants to write the account of the trust can also vayak software.

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